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Case Magic Stik - Old Trail Tackle & Sports


Case Magic Stik

$ 4.19

Like it’s big brother, the original Case ’Magic Stik’ has been a staple in the Case line for years and catching fish along the way. Made of a soft yet durable plastic this 4 ½” gem is the perfect bait for skipping up and around cover or into weed beds. Using your rod tip to ‘flick’ the bait sending it like a skipping stone, the bait slips across the surface making a commotion resembling that of a fleeing baitfish, only to settle into the water with a slow, seductive fall that will drive fish wild! With a whopping 26 colors to choose from, it will be easy to keep ahead of even the most wile competition!

4 ½” Worm   10 per pack  

Available In:

 Color Description


Black Blue Flake
Bubble Gum
Chartreuse Pumpkin
Clear Pepper
Clear Smoke
Green Pumpkin
Green Pumpkin Gold
June Bug
Ken's Stik
Michigan Shiner
Mustard Chartreuse
Pearl Hologram
Prime Lime Gold
Pumpkin Seed
Road Kill
Root Beer Green Flake
Smoke Blue Purple
Smoke Red
Watermelon Gold
Watermelon Red





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