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Tackle Talk for the week of October 30

Old Trail Tackle & Sports Tackle Talk

The Susquehanna River is up from recent rain, and the walleye fishing been picking up at most locations.  The walleye have been hitting 3.5 inch twist grubs and 5-inch twist minnows in smoke, motor oil and chartreuse. Some anglers are also doing well with F11 Rapalas and J10 Rebels in silver patterns.  With the rising water, the area below the Adam Bower has become the place to go.  Anglers are also reporting the large smallmouth bass are hitting as well.  Large twist minnows in lime green, smoke and pumpkin seed as well as various stickbaits such as  Rapalas, Bombers and Storm have been effective.  At most places on the river, smallmouth bass are on the feed as water temperatures start to drop.  Channel catfish hookups have been good throughout the Susquehanna River with the recent rise in water levels.  Muskie action has been good at most of the popular locations. Large swim baits and Mepps Musky Killers in various colors are working well.  Most anglers venturing out this time of year are doing well.  All species of fish have been active at most area lakes.  Small rubber twisters, live waxworms and redworms have been the baits of choice.  



Photo Details:

Bill Weston caught this beautiful rainbow trout on Spring Creek in Bellefonte on a hares ear nymph. What a great catch Bill! Congratulations!

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