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Tackle Talk for the week of February 10

Old Trail Tackle & Sports Tackle Talk

Anglers are reporting good ice on Walker Lake and Faylor Lake and also on Rose Valley Lake, Hunter Lake and Lake Jean.  They all are producing well.  Trout, panfish, pickerel and perch are being taken through the ice on waxworms, gold mealworms, and small ice fishing jigs.  The Susquehanna River is open in some locations with floating ice.  Some nice walleye and smallmouth bass are being caught in the open water areas.  Walleye are going after live nightcrawlers on double hook worm rigs, Erie Dearies and medium live shiners.  Smallies are being picked up on Old Trail salted tubes in smoke, pumpkin seed, motor oil and watermelon colors fished slow and close to the bottom where you have open water.  Several muskie have been caught and released at some of the popular locations below the Adam Bower Dam.  Large muskie lures in the 7 to 10 inch range fished slowly and close to the shore and in the open water eddies are your best bet for hook ups this time of year.  Channel cats and flatheads are starting to hit on the river.  The slower current areas along shore and island tips are best.  Cats are hitting on large live shiners and prepared catfish baits. 

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