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Tackle Talk for the week of December 31

Old Trail Tackle & Sports Tackle Talk

Some of the coldest weather of the year is producing some thick ice on most area lakes.  Ice fishing is good on most local ponds and lakes.  Some nice panfish and largemouth bass are being taken at Lake Chillisquaque at the Montour Preserve in Montour County.  Various freeze dried baits, waxworms, and large nightcrawlers are the baits of choice.  Angler's are also reporting good ice fishing at Hunter's Lake, Rose Valley Lake and Little Pine Lake.  A lot of ice fisherman are using circle hooks and reporting excellent results if they're used according to these tips:  1.  Don't set the hook, slowly sweep the rod up or reel the line in slowly.  2.  Choose the smallest hook for the job (smaller hooks penetrate faster than larger ones).  3.  Remember to catch, photograph and release.  All lakes were well stocked through the year and hold an abundance of different species.  Most river fishing has been slow this past week due to floating ice at most locations.  There were some walleye caught at Shady Nook and some of the popular locations on live shiners and Mepp's spinners fished slow and close to the bottom.  

Photo Details: Gary Minium caught this huge muskie weighing in at 32 pounds and measuring 48 inches in a disclosed location. Congratulations on an amazing catch Gary!


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