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This is Tackle Talk for the Week of April 24th

Trout fishing success on the first day varied greatly and some anglers did very well as others struggled to catch one or two trout. The weather was ideal for fishing but most streams were lower than normal. Some of the more productive streams the first week were Shamokin Creek, Schwaben Creek, and the Mahantango Creek at Malta. The baits of choice at most streams were small Rooster tail spinners, Swiss swings, waxworms, butterworms, and gold mealworms. Fly fishing on most streams has been reported as good, with anglers matching the current hatches. Fishermen on the Susquehanna River in the Shady Nook area has been picking up some catfish on prepared catfish bait. Some carp are being caught in and around the PP&L plant area. Some nice smallmouth bass were caught just before the close of the season. Good weather is in the forecast and all area streams should be in good shape for quite awhile.

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