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This is Tackle Talk for the Week of March 27th

The Susquehanna River is in good shape and having mild weather upon us this coming week should be the start of some good fishing. Smallmouth bass are still in season. Some large smallies have been caught in the Shady Nook area mostly on live large shiners and Old Trail salted tubes in vomit, smoke, and black/red flake colors. The lower portion of Middle Creek and Penns Creek has been producing some nice bass. Most are being taken on live medium shiners and various colors of hair jigs fished slowly and close to the bottom and near the shoreline. Quite a few boats have been seen at the common spots on the Susquehanna River with some anglers reporting a lot of good hook-ups. Some large catfish have been caught the past few days and a lot of large carp have been foul-hooked. Most lakes are producing well such as Walker Lake, Faylor Lake, and Little Buffalo Lake. The weather so far has been good for preseason trout stocking with water levels on most streams ideal. Area streams should be in good shape for the opening day of trout.

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